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Chanel releases Gabrielle Chanel fragrance film, starring Kristen Stewart

New promotional film with Kristen Stewart is meant to convey a mood, rather than tell a story, according to Chanel
August 31, 2017/23.55

The Gabrielle Chanel fragrance promotional film, starring Kristen Stewart, has been revealed. Directed by Ringan Ledwidge, Stewart is seen breaking free from a tulle cocoon toward a glass wall, with contours reminiscent of the fragrance’s bottle. Stewart jumps to strike the wall to find freedom. ‘Runnin’’ by Beyoncé is the advertisement film’s soundtrack.
   ‘We deliberately took the opposite line from storytelling. We wanted to highlight an emotion that could be grasped in mere seconds, to tell a sensation as opposed to a story. Referring to a specific person, and even more so to Gabrielle Chanel, is new for Chanel. Instead of retracing her life, we chose to put the spotlight on her free and rebel-at-heart personality. In my view, this quality is more difficult to find and yet all the more necessary today,’ explained Thomas du Pré de Saint-Maur, Head of Global Creative Resources for Chanel Fragrance & Beauty and Fine Watches & Jewellery. ‘Being yourself and remaining true to yourself are qualities that Gabrielle Chanel passed on to us, and this universal message—as relevant as ever—is what we wish to send to women. With Kristen Stewart and this film that breaks away from a narrative to retain only its spirit, we want to touch all women, but also each individual woman, simultaneously. No one will experience it in the same way; it depends on one’s perceptions, lived experiences, personality and emotions. With this film, we are going to reach out to each woman through all of womankind.’
   The campaign breaks September 1.

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