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The Body Shop looks after winter skin, with face mists, hydrating cream, and decadent banana-scented treats

The Body Shop focuses on keeping skin moisturized and fresh this winter, and come July 9 there’ll be a particularly decadent treat
June 20, 2018/22.43

The Body Shop has three débutants in its range, two out now, and a special edition hitting stores in New Zealand on July 9.
   A very welcome range of face mists is perfect for winter, especially when your skin feels dry with air conditioning, fan heaters, and the chilly atmosphere. The Body Shop difference: the mists are 100 per cent vegan, with Community Trade alœ vera. They’re dermatologically tested, and, in line with the Body Shop’s social responsibility, not tested on animals. They’re also make-up-friendly.
   We sampled both the Mint Mattifying and Rose Dewy Glow mists. The former has a nice, sharp, and refreshing effect, while the latter is like a sprinkle of rose water. Both help keep skin hydrated and have a long-lasting effect. There are also Strawberry Smoothing, Mandarin Energising, and Coco Calming, retailing at NZ$19·95 each.

   The lightweight vitamin E gel moisture cream has been developed with a similar goal in mind. The cream helps moisturize the skin and locks it in for 48 hours, using natural-origin hyaluronic acid from France, and raspberry extract to protect against free radicals. The cream is delicate and easy to spread—you only need a small amount so the 49 g container lasts a lot longer than you might expect. It’s also dermatologically tested, and non-comedogenic; the Body Shop has formulated it without paraffin, petrolatum or mineral oil. It retains for NZ$27·75.
   From July 9, the Body Shop will have a real treat in store. We’ve raved about some luscious fruity scents from the Body Shop before, but we hadn’t come across banana. That changes with a special-edition banana body care range, using Community Trade Ecuadorian organic banana purée. We checked out the body butter (NZ$38·95 for 200 ml), and it is divine. Soft to the touch with a strong and full banana scent, the body butter nourishes the skin while you indulge in the formula. The packaging is funky and cheerful, with roughly drawn bananas and grungy script, a nice departure from more traditional Body Shop fare.
   Complement it with the shower cream (250 ml, NZ$17·50). The Body Shop is also offering the Banana Body Yogurt (200 ml, NZ$24·50), as well as shampoo and conditioner (from NZ$7·50). The range is 100 per cent vegan, and you’ll need to get in quickly. If you miss out, then we really hope the Body Shop brings this line back—but why risk them selling out? Hop in to the Body Shop after July 9 and enjoy what’s surely going to be a favourite.

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