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Rémy Martin and Matt W. Moore collaborate in augmented reality

Rémy Martin and Matt W. Moore collaborate on an app for a new limited-edition VSOP, which brings the sense of wine-making into augmented reality
July 7, 2018/13.57

Rémy Martin has taken its latest limited-edition VSOP cognac into the augmented reality sphere, with an app available in the Apple Store.
   Designed by Portland, Maine artist Matt W. Moore, the app shows his Vectorfunk abstract graphics. Moore says he wanted to convey some of the sensory connections in cognac-making to users, using elements such as grapes and leaves. He also reinterprets the Rémy Martin centaur symbol.
   The app has ‘city tours’ in major cities, including Shanghai, Moskva, London and New York. The company says it uses Apple’s ARKit technology, one of the biggest augmented reality platforms available.
   There is an interactive element, allowing users to design elements for their own AR environments.
   Iphone users can use the QR code reproduced on this page to download the app, and are encouraged to share using the hashtag #ARtbyRemyMartin. The app can also be downloaded through this App Store link. More information can be found at

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