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On the heels of New Year’s Day and the eve of Golden Globes 2020, Rita Branch and her team were on hand to help Hollywood stick to a few resolutions at their Red Carpet Style Lounge. The result? Anything one could need to get and keep the golden glow from the inside out, reports US west coast editor Elyse Glickman
January 5, 2020/13.02

Above, from top: Brian Cox, nominated for Succession. Mike Moh, nominated for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. London Brown (Ballers). Craig DiFrancia, nominated for Martin Scorsese’s Green Book.

Before the ink dried on our list of New Year’s resolutions, we made our way to the Secret Room Red Carpet Style Lounge in honour of the 2020 Golden Globes at the Inter-continental Century City Hotel to check out what was poised to be the “it” primping and entertaining must-haves for this year’s awards’ season. Word around the ballroom was that the Golden Globes dinner would be a vegan affair, giving everybody a head start on better eating habits in the coming year. This is above and beyond the services offered to VIP, running the gamut from massages, eyelashes, teeth whitening, Botox, fillers and manicures. Beverly Hills Tennis Academy jump-started the fitness part of the equation for some via free tennis gift certificates.
   Thankfully for the VIP guests, including Mike Moh (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood), Craig DiFrancia (Green Book), Francesco Bauco (Ford v. Ferrari), Esai Morales, Brian Cox (Succession), Gilles Marini, Chad Johnson (The Bachelor), London Brown (Ballers), VIPs and other attendees, the Secret Room team outdid themselves with a fleet of new products from around the globe to up everybody’s nutrition and skin care game. However, before feasting our eyes on the new round-up of goods, we approached the most adorable greeters who made their Hollywood red carpet début courtesy of DoVE (Dogs of Violence Exposed).
   These dogs, rescued from the most horrible circumstances in Asia, where DoVE Project works with established animal rescuers on the ground in South Korea, are now headed to starring roles in their forever homes. However, more needs to be done, and the organization is continuing to spread word about their international work rescuing dogs from meat farms, providing financial support of their care, veterinary needs, training and socialization, transportation to the US, and having them placed in US homes with additional support assist through various advocacy groups such as Best Friends.
   It was also heartwarming to observe that many of the new vendors participating this year—and there were a lot of new faces—were family-owned enterprises. With a laser focus on personal care products and supplements, we also noticed that most of the new lines were either certified vegan, gluten-free, organic, cruelty-free or a combination of several.
   The most interesting product line was from Nurse Hatty, and yes, she was an actual person explaining her one-stop-shopping concept for women’s health. Everything on the table and in the VIP L. L. Bean and Earthsaver gift bags could be described as everything you never knew you needed. Rather than anti-ageing, her approach was tackling head-on with such solutions as the Kegel Script Exercise System, Nip ’n’ Lift, all kinds of things to make one’s keto diet more effective, and Wrinkle Script, a line of reusable masks designed to alleviate wrinkles, stretch marks, and scars on face, neck and décolleté.
   CBD products were also everywhere and in every kind of conceivable form, from vitamins to potable tinctures to topical creams. There were goods from straightforward companies like We the People Hemp, Hempland and more luxury-oriented goods from Serene CBD, offering lip balm, Dead Sea bath salts, and pet CBD with salmon oil. Theories from different producers argue that these products, when taken internally, improve brain functions, have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbal properties, and benefit the immune system, digestive system and so on. Topical products, meanwhile, may relieve pain, improve skin tone and have other healing properties. While the FDA disclaimers were in place, it was certainly fun to experiment and hear the back stories behind these potential health breakthroughs. There were also traditional vitamin supplements available, including Percepta natural plant-based memory support, improving brain function with the cat’s claw herb and tea, and Doctor’s Best, which has new packaging and improved formulas.
   As many VIPs had their kids in tow, the folks from Child Life Nutrition were prepared with a variety of products, and an industrious pre-teen was on hand to share goodies from her Organic Candy Factory, that also happened to be kosher, vegan and enriched with vitamins C, A and E. Pure Trim returned with more of their delicious teas and nutrition bars, and some topical products as well. To help the youngest celebrity kids get a head start on 2020, furniture line Évolur exhibited examples of children’s furnishings, strollers, rugs, and more.
   There were also numerous skin care lines vying for our attention. Family-owned Immaculate Minerals got it with its assortment of lipsticks, brushes and primers in positively regal packaging. Another entrepreneur introduced us to her RevealU Gel gel body moisturizers, packed with delicate fragrances and a touch of gold sparkle. Louisville, Ky.-based Shalia Botanicals offered CBD skin care with a different sort of kick, ageing in Four Roses Bourbon barrels making for a literal skin care “cocktail” of good things. The Hanalei Company offered celebrities a vacation in a box, with lip scrub, balm, and body and face lotions made with sugar, kukui nuts and other nice things from the islands.
   French heritage beauty brand Sothys Paris, not surprisingly, attracted a lot of attention with a fresh line of products. Dermatologist-grade Exuviance (sold at and and a limited number of official retailers) rolled out their jawline- and neck-firming moisturizer in glamorous new packaging. Across the aisle, Washington, DC-based dermatologist Tina Alster introduced celebrities and other constituents to the A Method products.
   Dionis Goat Milk Skincare, covering the rest of the body, showcased their Honeysuckle Coconut and Lavender Blossom hand and body lotions. Other showcased brands included Medispa Naturals from Canada and premium drugstore line Lumene Finland Nordic–C.
   Splenda provided stevia-based sweeteners, Canada-based Ten Degrees offered stackable and mixable stainless steel rings in cute packaging. And as winter is the season for cuddling up, some deliciously soft home items from Alicia Adams Alpaca and luxury linens from the always-wonderful Crown Goose provided solutions for staying warm and cozy between the Globes and the Oscars. Those who got the VIP bag could add an extra layer of cocooning luxe with Spirit Work Creator essential oil spray or a hit of Jimmy’s Milan Salad Dressing from Philadelphia institution Milan 39 to amp up any edibles for their home entertaining functions.
   Taking the notion of “self care” to the furthest extent, Los Angeles-based, women-operated company Jimmy Jane offered attendees the ultimate in adult toys with its Fantasy for Her. As we are in polite company, it could be described as one size fits all, even if this particular accessory may not be for everyone. However, the pitch definitely does fit into the definition of can-do female empowerment.—Elyse Glickman, US West Coast Editor

Above, from top: Chad Johnson (The Bachelor). Gilles Marini. Esai Morales (DC Universe’s Titans). Rita Branch and her son Noah. Francesco Bauco (Ford v. Ferrari).

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