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Beyoncé wears custom Messika high jewellery to Super Bowl LIV

NEWS Beyoncé has chosen high jewellery from Messika to wear at two high-profile events Stateside
February 3, 2020/23.14

We often don’t feature the US Super Bowl, since it can be outside our main topics—though Parisian jeweller Messika advises us that there is relevant news: Beyoncé donning some of their items during the American football final in Miami, Fla.
   Beyoncé wore a high jewellery necklace designed for her by Valérie Messika, whose ‘design represents a musical vibration, a nod to the equalizers which oscillate on the monitors of the recording studios,’ says the company.
   The “chopsticks” in the design hold, in the centre, a 17 ct pear diamond, with its rocky side intentionally facing outward.
   She had already worn Messika’s Diamond Equalizer asymmetrical earrings to the pre-Grammy gala and Grammy salute in honour of Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs on February 25. One earring contained a 4 ct pear diamond, the other a 1·5 ct pear diamond. The design was inspired by sound vibes and Beyoncé’s stage presence.
   ‘I dreamed of designing for Beyoncé, a piece that would embody her style, while remaining faithful to the DNA of our house. B is a queen, and the idea was to imagine an anarchic adornment with all these barrettes which intertwine with a sequence of baguette and round diamonds to create rhythm. But this chaos ends up finding a certain order and highlights the pear diamonds,’ said Valérie Messika.

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