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Kendall Jenner says she’s trying to be ‘the best version’ of herself

Kendall Jenner, who has just walked the Tom Ford runway, tells E! News that she’s trying to keep things real
February 9, 2020/6.41

Her Pepsi commercial may have been criticized heavily in 2017 for making light of civil rights and Black Lives Matter, but Kendall Jenner tells E! News’s Victor Cruz that, at least in the space she can control, she’s trying to keep it real.
   ‘I think daily, I’m just trying to be the best version of myself,’ she said to Cruz. ‘I really, truly believe in not trying to be someone else but just … being the best version of yourself.’
   Jenner, 24, is now the new Longchamp ambassador, a role that doesn’t see controversial spots such as Pepsi’s, which was quickly pulled by the company.
   ‘I don’t think you need to try to be anybody else. I think that’s what I’m always trying to remember, especially in today’s day in social media—when you’re looking at everyone else, thinking everyone else’s lives are so perfect. But just kind of being like, “You know what? I’m dope,”’ she said.
   Last Friday, Jenner walked the catwalk at Tom Ford’s Los Angeles show at Milk Studios.

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