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Reebok’s Radicalm film shows off autumn–winter 2021–2 women’s collection

Reebok doesn’t try to solve the world’s problems; instead, its new promo acknowledges we think of the trivial as well as the existential as part of our daily dialogue
October 25, 2021/9.45

Reebok has a new 60 s film called Radicalm to promote its new brand direction.

The spot, directed by Jide Osifeso, Reebok’s senior director of marketing creative and design, showcases the brand’s autumn–winter 2021–2 women’s collection.

A voiceover plays out an inner monologue as a woman wonders about life and existence, as well as more superficial things, such as whether her shoes look good. Perhaps it mirrors the uncertainties of modern life, juxtaposed with keeping up appearances in what might still be the selfie era, even as certain social networks are shown to be populated by fake accounts.

Osifeso says of his film, ‘I’ve been noticing a lot of anthemic and performative pieces from brands that aim to address big, serious topics. There is a place for that, of course. But here we wanted the opportunity to relate to people on a more personal level by acknowledging that our own internal thoughts are all valid, as weighty or trivial as they may be. And in doing so, we hope the film’s acknowledgement of wonder and concern without claiming to have all of the solutions leads to a sense of calm and optimism.’

Featured in the film are musician Joyce Wrice and entrepreneur Candice Craig. The collection is now available at


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