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Protest shows spring–summer ’22 as it advances its sustainability goals

NEWS Protest heads into the summer months with on-trend swimwear and dresses, but the real news is in the fabric choices and its real steps toward sustainability
April 21, 2022/11.30

Dutch brand Protest has been promoting its green credentials lately, with its Green Up initiative. The company says it has divided its journey to sustainability into achievable milestones, with new fabrics and a greater proportion of its range made from recycled fabrics this season.

Protest has increased its use of recycled polyester, made from processing PET bottles into fabric. It has used the fabric in its women’s Sup/Surf series and all the men’s boardshorts, among others.

Other fabrics include recycled elastane and bamboo charcoal. Elastane normally takes 200 years to break down, so repurposing it makes good sense for the environment. It has been adopted in the women’s PRTredwood swim shorts, while bamboo charcoal is used in the PRTnoosa swim shorts.

Its cotton, meanwhile, is BCI- (Better Cotton Initiative) certified, promoting better standards in cotton farming and conservation.

Recycled cardboard and plastic are used for the packaging.

Protest, meanwhile, has 10,000 solar panels on the roofs of its buildings at its HQ.

Trend-wise, Protest’s NXG streetwear range focuses on soft fabrics and colour blocking. Spring–summer dresses are lightweight and can be thrown over swimwear, while the season sees animal prints and florals used. The Sup/Surf capsule collection comprises two short-sleeve rash guards, a long-sleeve rash guard, two bikinis, a sup–surf suit, and leggings, with quick-drying SPF 50 fabric. Finally, its swimwear range also has prints, with zebra stripes, polka dots and florals, on smocked fabrics and ruffles among its design touches. More at

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