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No44 closes the circle on cotton sustainability by giving used jeans new life

Pioneering Romanian brand moves sustainability forward through its recycling programme, and keeps old jeans out of landfills
September 20, 2022/9.30

Romanian fashion brand No44 has taken a strong step forward for sustainability in fashion, by transforming old jeans into new.

No44 outlines its programme on its website: everyone, customer or not, can send them their pre-loved jeans and get 20 per cent off a new pair of No44s and reward points in their loyalty programme. There are conditions as outlined on its website, including the presence of a shipping address within the EU, UK and Turkey.

Collaborating with Isko denim and its R-Two programme, the old jeans will be recycled into new ones, using a mix of post-consumer and post-industrial waste. It keeps the old jeans out of landfills and aims to close the circle on cotton sustainability.

No44 is a pioneer on the Romanian market, with sustainability at its core. Its jeans are intended to last more than single season, and they aim that a pair is with a customer for years.

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