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Web3 platform Syky launches luxury fashion incubator for digital design

The rising Web3 platform, which closed a funding round earlier year, pushes ahead with training designers for the future world of luxury digital fashion
April 11, 2023/16.00

Syky, a digital fashion platform, has taken a large step toward mainstreaming its efforts with a luxury fashion incubator called the Syky Collective, provided to a cohort of designers who will undergo a 12-month programme, providing them with resources, mentoring, and opportunities including events and showcasing on the Syky platform. The programme focuses on digital design tools, digital worlds, and Web3 technology.

Syky has attracted big names to the Collective, with Jonathan Bottomley (CMO of Calvin Klein), Mark Guiducci (creative editorial director, Vogue), Megan Kaspar (founding member of Red Dao), Matthew Ball (author and entrepreneur), Sabine Le Marchand (partner, Frosty), and the British Fashion Council itself.

Council CEO Caroline Rush noted, ‘Fashion sits at the intersection of culture, constantly innovating to challenge the status quo and embrace newness. We are excited to work with the Syky collective to focus on the evolution of the possibilities for the fashion industry, provide education for designers, engage with new audiences, create and build experiences and explore what’s next.’

Bottomley added, ‘I’m incredibly honored to have been selected by Alice Delahunt and the Syky team to be an inaugural mentor for the Syky Collective. I believe that empowering and nurturing the next generation of fashion designers is powerful, and I believe Syky’s connections to the established luxury fashion world and the ascendant Web3 economy will create an experience unlike any other fashion incubators.’

The first cohort will comprise 10 designers, selected from the first application period beginning April 11 and closing May 2. Applications can be submitted through Syky’s website. The 10 will be announced in early June and the programme begins at the end of June.

Syky was founded by Alice Delahunt, formerly of Ralph Lauren and Burberry, who spotted a huge potential for virtual and digital fashion, especially in the luxury sector.

Alice Delahunt, founder and CEO of Syky

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