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Boutique frenzy

On the eve of this year’s Boutique Lifestyle Leadership Association conference, Lola Cristall previews the event before checking out two of chef David Burke’s restaurants
May 31, 2024/13.44

When an establishment is considered of boutique standard, it can easily focus on catering to visitors’ every need, providing a lavish, memorable experience rather than a “one size fits all” concept.

The BLLA (Boutique Lifestyle Leadership Association) brings together a community of like-minded individuals who work to sustain a world of luxury, elegance and sophistication, from culinary escapes to opulent hotel lodgings.

This June, BLLA will again be hosting their must-attend annual Boutique Hotel Investment Conference at the French Institute Alliance Française’s Florence Gould Hall in New York. Professionals will gather to share ideas that further advance the field of boutique luxury, while learning about proven, successful concepts.

Founded by powerhouse mother–daughter duo, Frances and Ariela Kiradjian, the association emphasizes luxury as supported by what they call ‘boutique believers’. The Kiradjians repeatedly bring together a community filled with creative and innovative thinkers.

Year after year, entrepreneurs and skilled insiders unveil their original concepts, insights and pragmatic notions in ever-changing industries. The experience includes various panels with an extensive list of speakers. The inspirational 2023 speakers included: SH Hotels and Resorts’ CEO Raul Leal; the VP of global investment management at Citizen M Hotel, Marissa Balan; managing director at investment firm Thayer Venture, Chris Hemmeter; the founder and executive director of Canyon Group, Homi Vazifdar; as well as president of David Burke Hospitality Management, chef David Burke.

Chef David discussed how he incorporates design in his restaurants’ atmosphere, visually capturing guests’ attention before they are delightfully whisked away through his culinary creations. The panel, entitled F&B as a Recipe for Success, emphasized to what extent, other than a delectable meal, a captivating ambiance plays in one’s dining experience.

We enthusiastically await this year’s conference, which is sure to be just as educational and informative as previous years.
Chef David Burke
Above: Chef David Burke.
Chef David has established himself as a successful and skilful restaurateur. His numerous New York-based restaurants serve fresh ingredients alongside culinary creativity, with hospitable service and, of course, eye-catching design. Park Ave. Kitchen by David Burke (, which opened recently, offers an inviting escape with two concepts: a pick-up-and-go counter with a quaint café-style section on one side, and a more elevated brasserie experience on the other. Bread service is always necessary at any of Chef David’s restaurants: hot gruyère cheese pop-overs with sweet and spiced butter as well as decadent jalapeño cornbread. Dressed oysters are like no other, with fresh oysters that are topped with sea urchin, king crab, nori and chili flakes for a pungent kick. For cheese lovers, the tomato soup au gratin, a clever take on the traditional onion soup, is a sublime party in the mouth with melted gruyère cheese and basil to further enhance taste and texture. Chef David is known to incorporate ingenious ideas in each of his dishes and the Black Sea bass ‘tiki masala’ is no different: fragrant coconut rice beautifully balances the fresh sea bass preparation.

Heading up north from Manhattan to White Plains in New York’s Westchester County, Chef David’s Red Horse restaurant attracts a crowd of locals and visitors to experience culinary creativity at its finest. The much more spacious room offers floor-to-ceiling windows as well as artistic designs, including enticing artwork and sculptures. The menu provides an even more vast offering including sushi, lobster dumplings in a tomato miso, chili oil, basil and preserved lemon dressing as well as Maine diver scallops with delectable butternut squash ravioli.

For dessert, Chef David doesn’t disappoint. His locations offers the show-stopping cake pop tree with cotton candy, an ultimate Chef David experience, with a variety of cake pop flavours that can be dipped in a rich “bubble” whipped cream. For a more traditional and simple sweet touch, the vanilla bean crème brûlée is a delicious crusty burnt sugar coating on top of a smooth and delicious custard.
Park Ave. Kitchen by David Burke
Park Ave. Kitchen by David Burke
Park Ave. Kitchen by David Burke
Above: Park Ave. Kitchen by David Burke.
Lola Cristall is Paris editor of Lucire.

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