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SAIC unveils MG 6 fastback at Guangzhou

November 23, 2009/11.43

MG has shown its 6 fastback, the first all-new model developed for the marque since Chinese interests took over the British firm.    Based around the architecture of the Roewe 550 sedan, which in turn is based loosely on the late 1990s’ Rover 75, the production version of the MG 6 was unveiled at the […]

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GM’s next step should be brand rationality

March 30, 2009/11.06

[Cross-posted] Rick Wagoner has become the casualty of the American car industry’s finger-pointing with his resignation today, his hand forced by the Obama administration.    The press has centred on this rather than explore the union’s role in the industry’s difficulties. For those of us old enough to remember it, it all smacks a bit […]

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Bond girl Caterina Murino in Beijing

August 24, 2008/11.38

Bond girl Caterina Murino, who played Solange in the 2006 James Bond film Casino Royale, and was best remembered in a scene riding a horse along a Bahamian beach, joined other celebrities in the Chinese capital as the Beijing Olympics drew to a close.    Murino, sponsored by Omega, jokingly talked about a James Bond film […]

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Question marks raised over He Kexin’s age

August 22, 2008/10.48

[Cross-posted] You’ve all heard the controversy over whether Red Chinese gymnast He Kexin is 14 or 16. A hacker has found documents in the Baidu (the Red Chinese search engine) cache that indicate she is 14. Some commenters have attacked the hacker, pointing out some potential errors in the search. A few point out that […]

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