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Tomorrow, blogs might even drive print magazines

September 5, 2009/12.04

The ‘Insider’ section has now been facelifted for the first time, bringing it in line with the new pages on the Lucire website. It has also dawned on us that this blog celebrates its second anniversary.    Lucire was a late convert to blogging, even though I had been blogging away—on a very irregular basis—since […]

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Revising the ‘Insider’ section


Between 8 and 9 a.m. GMT, we will be revising the template to the ‘Insider’ pages. We won’t take this section offline, but in case things don’t go smoothly, you might find a few strange layouts. (Don’t blame your computer or ISP during this hour: it’s us.) You may also like The Lucire website, à […]

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The Lucire website, à la une

September 4, 2009/13.32

If you came via the home page today, then you’ll know Lucire has a new look on the web. We haven’t put this design on all the pages yet—obviously this page, at the time of writing, still has the old look. But we are continuing to roll it out across the site and all subsequent […]

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Young designers showcase their work at Museum of London

September 3, 2009/1.28

Fashion Diversity, to be held at Museum of London during London Fashion Week, is a three-day event, running from September 17 to 19, featuring free workshops and catwalk shows featuring new and established designers. London students have created a fashion range influenced by eighteenth-century pleasure gardens, and will show their work on the 19th. One […]

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Porsche shows limited-edition 911 Sport Classic

September 2, 2009/13.04

With the IAA (Frankfurt Motor Show) around the corner, the automakers are sending us a lot of news. It’s greatly needed for the industry, which has experienced a major sales’ slump this year.    We can always rely on Porsche to give us a bit of glamour, however. The 911 Sport Classic will go to […]

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Renault announces Fluence; electric model to follow

September 1, 2009/14.49

Renault has announced its Fluence saloon, which is meant to replace the Mégane Classic. However, if Korean readers are thinking it looks rather familiar, that’s because it is: the Fluence is, essentially, the second-generation Samsung SM3 with a new grille.    The slightly conventional styling down the back is mated to a Mégane 3-like grille […]

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The Lucire news page remains


We have decided to keep the ‘News’ page here on the Lucire site, rather than integrate it with ‘Insider’. It turns out that some of you do use it to get news headlines from around the web, and we can understand that it is helpful: it’s a convenient way to have a glance at what’s […]

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Peace and Joy this Christmas

August 31, 2009/12.26

We thought these were a lovely touch for Christmas: Peace and Joy necklaces from Cerise UK on London’s Columbia Road. The inspiration came initially from children’s jewellery that Cerise’s designer, Vicky Davies, was commissioned to make. The pieces are hand-engraved and cut, and the two birds come together. The ‘Peace’ bird has stars on the […]

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Iberian inspiration at Berlei


It seems quite a few people are tapping into an Iberian inspiration. Berlei’s spring–summer collection has ranges called Bolero, Flamenco and Paso Doble, at prices beginning at NZ$29·99 for the Flamenco G-string. For stockists, call (0800) 800-390 within New Zealand. You may also like Honor Dillon showcases Jockey range for spring–summer ’10–11 From floppy-disk bags […]

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Huffer releases limited range for the Warehouse to support Sign On

August 30, 2009/12.00

New Zealand retail chain, the Warehouse, and iconic Kiwi brand, Huffer, have joined forces with a limited-edition range selling at NZ$29·99. The partnership is part of the Sign On campaign to reduce greenhouse gases: the T-shirts include a swing tag that doubles as a postcard that can be sent in support of the campaign. There […]

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