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Five days in New Zealand with Summer Rayne Oakes

June 11, 2009/10.14

It’s been a wonderful few days chilling out with our ed.-at-large, Summer Rayne Oakes, in Lucire’s home country of New Zealand to promote her book, Style, Naturally.    Summer Rayne was out this way to attend Greenfest in Brisbane, Queensland, and decided that she should venture to New Zealand to see us and to give […]

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Denmark launches clothing with high UV protection

May 1, 2009/9.37

On April 28, Kræftens Bekæmpelse (the Danish Cancer Society) launched a campaign against skin cancer, opened by Crown Princess Mary. Danish designers have created a fashion range high in UV protection made with sustainable materials. The clothes have been tested for ultraviolet radiation with the UV-801 test at the Institute of Technology, Denmark. The video […]

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The holistic approach

April 7, 2009/4.30

Photographed by Parris Bambery Tucked away at the back of Cuba Mall in Wellington lies a haven for those seeking out alternative health treatment and advice. Wellcare Chinese Medical Clinic and Herbal Shop opened in 1995 and encompasses traditional Chinese healing philosophies that have been employed for 5,000 years. The owner, Dr Jun Wu, has established […]

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Commonsense Organics

April 2, 2009/7.14

The organic industry has boomed over the last few years and it seems like a new organic product appears on store shelves daily. Personally I find it a tad overwhelming and I am continually weighing up whether or not certain organic foods and products are worth that extra penny. Finacial reasons aside, it really comes down to personal preference and whether or […]

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Keeping fit the Cirque the Soleil way with Reebok

February 26, 2009/23.02

Cirque du Soleil was the subject of a large article in the first Twinpalms Lucire in Thailand, but we didn’t expect it would really get in to fashion. Enter Reebok, which has followed up the Step Reebok programme of the late 1980s with Jukari Fit to Fly, an exercise routine developed with the circus arts’ […]

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