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The holistic approach


April 7, 2009/4.30

Wellcare Chinese Medical Clinic and Herbal Shop
Wellcare Chinese Medical Clinic and Herbal Shop
Photographed by Parris Bambery

Tucked away at the back of Cuba Mall in Wellington lies a haven for those seeking out alternative health treatment and advice. Wellcare Chinese Medical Clinic and Herbal Shop opened in 1995 and encompasses traditional Chinese healing philosophies that have been employed for 5,000 years. The owner, Dr Jun Wu, has established an impressive reputation for the quality of treatment he provides (not to mention some of his clients—he once treated Adrian Brody from King Kong).
   Unlike a lot of western medical treatments that focus on “attacking” each disease or injury by using a drug or surgical procedure specific to that condition, Chinese medicine in comparison uses a more holistic approach.
   This means that if the body’s separate systems (nervous system, digestion, etc.) are kept well nourished and in the right state of balance, the immune system will ward off all but most acute conditions, and injuries and deterioration will be repaired in a natural and safe manner, without having to use drugs or substances which are foreign to the body’s natural chemistry.
   Wellcare Chinese Medical Clinic and Herbal Shop supplies a range of proven natural treatments that will restore balance, nourish the nervous and other systems, and stimulate the body’s immune system. It also offers acupunture, acupressure, theraputic massage as well as diagnosis.
   I recently visited the store and I have to say I was genuinely touched by the sincerity, expertise and helpfulness of the staff. For more information visit

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