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BMW gives X5 and X6 the M treatment


April 8, 2009/4.59

When Hummer is the least fashionable brand on the planet, other SUV manufacturers can take one of two directions: trim down and look responsible, or go sporty and offer those who don’t mind poorer mpg figures a real alternative. BMW has taken the latter.
   The München-based company couldn’t exactly stop its model plans, and the M—for Motorsport—versions of its X5 and X6 SUVs were well developed. The launch this week of both models has seen BMW push the driveability and performance aspects, as one expects from the brand.
   Both models come with a 4,395 cm³ V8 twin turbo developing 408 kW or 555 hp from 5,750 to 6,000 rpm. Video below shows the models in flight during testing.

BMW testing in Arjeplog—overland

BMW testing in Arjeplog—friction coefficient, gradient, ice track, drifts

BMW testing in Arjeplog—Robert Fassl, test engineer

BMW X5 M driving shots

BMW X5 M at Ascari

BMW X6 M driving shots

BMW X6 M at Ascari

Marc Surer on the BMW X6 M

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