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Commonsense Organics


April 2, 2009/7.14

Commonsense Organics

The organic industry has boomed over the last few years and it seems like a new organic product appears on store shelves daily. Personally I find it a tad overwhelming and I am continually weighing up whether or not certain organic foods and products are worth that extra penny. Finacial reasons aside, it really comes down to personal preference and whether or not you are concerned enough about what you are putting into your system. If you are passionate about respecting the environment and like to know that you are buying locally, it is common sense that you would buy organic.
   Commonsense Organics is a Wellington-based company founded in 1991, but it was back in 1975 when Jim Kebbell and Marion Wood, along with several other families, bought 12 acres of land in Te Horo, one hour’s drive north of Wellington. The market garden, which is named Common Property and is BioGro-certified, is where much of the produce for Commonsense Organics comes from.
   As well as selling fresh organic produce, Commonsense Organics also sells dried goods, meat and dairy, health products and environmentally friendly products. For store locations and more info visit

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