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Midori Melonball

July 3, 2008/4.48

Here’s another inventive recipe from our friends at Midori, the famous melon liqueur. 60 ml (2 oz) Midori 30 ml (1 oz) vodka Top with orange juice (or pineapple or grapefruit) Build over ice. Enjoy it this summer! […]

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Refreshing images from YSL Beauté


We seldom focus on a single product in the print editions’ beauty pages, unless it’s a special promotion on behalf of a client in an advertorial. But we couldn’t pass up these beautiful visuals for one of the products we are featuring in the next Lucire in New Zealand, the Flash Radiance Skincare Brush from […]

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Kylie Minogue due to collect her OBE today


Singer Kylie Minogue, 40, who was awarded an OBE by HM Queen Elizabeth II in the New Year Honours’ List, is due to be invested at Buckingham Palace’s grand ballroom today.    With HM the Queen in Scotland, the presentations will be done by HRH the Prince of Wales.    Minogue already has the Order of […]

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Quantum of Solace trailer released

July 1, 2008/10.45

This is looking magnificent. I saw the last Bond film a day after its world première, in Los Angeles, and put some more money to the Broccoli family’s coffers by seeing it a second time when it débuted in New Zealand—then bought the DVD. So no surprise when I say I am looking forward to […]

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‘Why?’ may be a futile question in Ruslana Korshunova suicide


As some of you may have expected, the media are analysing why Kazakh model Ruslana Korshunova committed suicide. Part of it is because the analysis keeps the story alive. Another part is because people are fascinated by this fashion world, and why shouldn’t a newspaper, normally covering dull stories, have an excuse to put the […]

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Sam’s enjoying her time at Miss Universe


Miss New Zealand, Samantha Powell, ?ew out to Vietnam a couple of weeks ago and the Fairfax Press gave her a bit of a boost yesterday in the local media. It’s in stark contrast to the hatchet job the same publishing group gave her predecessor, Laural Barrett, last year.    If you head to the […]

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Maria Sharapova, behind the scenes with her Designer Collection

June 29, 2008/12.14

Complementing our new cover story for today on celebrity endorsements, Maria Sharapova features in videos for her range of cellphone accessories for Sony Ericsson. The Maria Sharapova Designer Collection hits stores worldwide in the third quarter. Below are views from the fashion show in London launching her line, interviews with Miss Sharapova on her inspirations […]

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Mamma Mia! movie launches in Greece


Today on Lucire: yesterday’s photo call in Athena, Greece for the cast and some of the crew of one of the summer’s most anticipated ?lms, Mamma Mia!. At left, Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan take time out to chat—one of the more personal moments during the launch. More at the article page. […]

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Renault’s better solutions to using petrol


We have to admit to being a little sceptical of some hybrids. For example, 2007’s Honda Accord Hybrid managed to get a mileage of 1 mpg better than the four-cylinder petrol model and 2 mpg than the V6, according to Consumer Reports. So when Tesla announced its roadster in 2006, we thought it’d be a […]

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Fiat 500 at the London Eye


We’ve had several Fiat 500 videos on file for a while and with the publication of our Car to Be Seen in story online today, it seems to be a good time to share one. The following is from the January launch of the car in London. […]

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