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Indulging in nostalgia: new Catalina Island Museum opening

May 11, 2016/13.26

Copyright Bunny Yeager/Galerie Schuster Top: Architect’s rendering of the new Catalina Island Museum façade. Above: Bettie Page on the Florida beach, 1954. Day trippers appreciate the southern California destination Catalina Island, easily accessible from Los Angeles. You take the ferry boat from Long Beach, cross the channel, and in about an hour, land in the […]

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Marilyn Monroe exhibition opens at Liechtenstein’s National Museum

March 25, 2015/22.18

Sven Beham An exhibition, Marilyn: the Strength behind the Legendary Monroe, or Marilyn: die starke Monroe, opens at the National Museum in Vaduz, Liechtenstein tomorrow and runs till November 1, 2015.    The exhibition features 400 pieces from the private collection of Ted Stampfer, known as the largest collection of Marilyn Monroe items in the […]

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Lana Del Rey releases Tropico, announces name of next album

December 5, 2013/11.44

Lana Del Rey’s much-anticipated 30-minute film, Tropico, was released on Vevo today.    The singer, playing a modern-day Eve, stars alongside model Shaun Ross.    The original preview in Lucire detailed a three-part story of sin and redemption. The three parts take place in four scenes: the Garden of Eden, the stripper club, the robbery, […]

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Miss Bourgogne, Marine Lorphelin, crowned Miss France 2013

December 8, 2012/23.28

Miss Bourgogne, Marine Lorphelin, is Miss France 2013, succeeding Delphine Wespiser.    Lorphelin, 19, hails from Charnay-lès-Mâcon. She is 1·76 m tall (5 ft 9 in).    She is in her first year of medicine in Lyon. Her interests are art, painting and fashion. She is a regular gym-goer.    Lorphelin was originally crowned Miss […]

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Marilyn Monroe’s Seven-Year Itch dress breaks record at auction

June 21, 2011/3.53

Debbie Reynolds has sold Marilyn Monroe’s “subway dress”, which the late actress wore in The Seven-Year Itch, earning $4·6 million.    The collector paid over $5½ million once fees were included, as part of Reynolds’ auction of her private collection of Hollywood memorabilia. She had collected the items over 40 years.    The dress was […]

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Nuptials are in the air as new book, Weddings and Movie Stars, released

May 8, 2011/5.43

John Chillingworth/Picture Post/Getty Images Ernst Haas/Getty Images Above Brigitte Bardot, and the wedding of Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer, are among the topics covered in Reel Art Press’s Weddings and Movie Stars, already released in the UK and awaiting release in the US mid-month. Reel Art Press is releasing a movie lover’s 288 pp. encyclopædia […]

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Amanda Holden parodies ’50s icons in TrimSole campaign

April 7, 2011/13.34

We had covered numerous celebrity endorsements of late, but had not expected news of Amanda Holden fronting a campaign—but the Britain’s Got Talent judge is now, in fact, the face of TrimSole, a ‘fitness footwear brand’.    TrimSole has what it calls a Trim-Tech sole that shifts the wearer’s centre of balance, making one’s legs […]

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