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Lana Del Rey releases Tropico, announces name of next album


December 5, 2013/11.44

Lana Del Rey’s much-anticipated 30-minute film, Tropico, was released on Vevo today.
   The singer, playing a modern-day Eve, stars alongside model Shaun Ross.
   The original preview in Lucire detailed a three-part story of sin and redemption. The three parts take place in four scenes: the Garden of Eden, the stripper club, the robbery, and the farewell.
   The tracks from Del Rey’s Born to Die—the Paradise Edition are ‘Body Electric’, ‘Gods and Monsters’ and ‘Bel Air’, and the film gives greater context to the songs.
   She pays homage to Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley, who appear alongside John Wayne and Jesus Christ in the film, which was directed by Anthony Mandler. Mandler previously directed her videos for ‘National Anthem’ and ‘Ride’.
   The film is available for streaming on Vevo apps and exclusively.
   At the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood for the Tropico première, Del Rey also announced the title of her new album as Ultraviolence, but gave no details on release date or tracks.

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