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Kate Moss tipped to join forces with Simon Cowell, Sir Philip Green

July 13, 2009/11.45

Left: Kate Moss’s Top­shop range has been a suc­cess for the high street chain. Reports are emerging today, initially from an English tabloid, that supermodel Kate Moss will join forces with Sir Philip Green, the owner of Topshop, which whom she already cooperates, and Britain’s Got Talent’s Simon Cowell in a new business venture.   […]

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Official photographs of the new Jaguar XJ

July 10, 2009/0.02

We know a few publications broke the embargo yesterday with these images. We preferred to stick with the embargo time of 8.30 p.m. BST (while we exclusively revealed the one photograph to the world that wasn’t covered earlier in the day). Now, post-launch, we can show a few more photographs of the new Jaguar XJ. […]

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AnnaLynne McCord, 2009’s “it girl”?

July 3, 2009/13.51

We’ve been noticing AnnaLynne McCord in more photographs of late in Lucire, and we wonder: is she the new “it girl” of 2009? McCord was spotted at the Raise Hope for the Congo event at Jane’s House in Hollywood on June 28, in an Eva Culture black strapless rusched dress (available at Curve) and Marcia […]

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Where have all the chat rooms gone?

June 14, 2009/9.50

[Cross-posted] One of the topics raised by Summer Rayne Oakes, author of Style, Naturally and a scientist and strategist in her own right—not to mention Lucire’s editor-at-large—was why chat rooms fell out of favour this century.    During the last week, Summer Rayne and I had plenty of good chats, but this is probably one […]

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Cassius Eyewear gets plenty of attention


I was chatting to Cassius Eyewear’s Jason Ng, who has seen his company grow very quickly in a short space of time. Not surprising to see why: Cassius’s range has some cool oversized styles, plus the campaign has been very nicely shot. The interesting thing is that Cassius is getting more press outside New Zealand […]

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Five days in New Zealand with Summer Rayne Oakes

June 11, 2009/10.14

It’s been a wonderful few days chilling out with our ed.-at-large, Summer Rayne Oakes, in Lucire’s home country of New Zealand to promote her book, Style, Naturally.    Summer Rayne was out this way to attend Greenfest in Brisbane, Queensland, and decided that she should venture to New Zealand to see us and to give […]

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Miss New Zealand ’09 Katie Taylor, on the night

April 27, 2009/4.47

We finally have images of Katie Taylor, Miss Universe New Zealand 2009, from the night itself, rather than photographs taken casually during the days I was there. We’ve distributed some from this series to media today. Photo credit: Paul Whiteford/Southern First National via JY&A Media You may also like Miss Universe New Zealand 2011, Priyani […]

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Russian Fashion Week president, Alexander Shumsky, honoured

March 21, 2009/11.27

On the wires: the World Fashion Award for Professional Achievement in Moskva went to Alexander Shumsky, President of Russian Fashion Week, the largest fashion event in eastern Europe. Seventy-one-year-old designer Slava Zaitsev received the Lifetime Achievement Award. The event was broadcast by the Swiss-based World Fashion Channel.    We suspect that we will hear far […]

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Insight about the Honda Insight


Above: The 2000 Honda Insight for the US market.   [Cross-posted] I get a bit bored of the media—this includes The New York Times today quoting ‘analysts’—saying that the Honda Insight (which got way better mileage than the Toyota Prius, and which was on sale in the US before the Prius) did not succeed because […]

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Britney Spears turns her image around, as predicted

January 7, 2009/5.38

Above: Britney Spears in a Hidden Fantasy print advertisement for Elizabeth Arden. Who would have guessed, when we published our piece, ‘Rescuing the Britney Spears Image’ in March last year, that the singer’s negative image could be overturned so substantially by January 2009?    Since March 2008, Spears has made a proper comeback—despite continuing bad […]

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