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Russian Fashion Week president, Alexander Shumsky, honoured


March 21, 2009/11.27

On the wires: the World Fashion Award for Professional Achievement in Moskva went to Alexander Shumsky, President of Russian Fashion Week, the largest fashion event in eastern Europe. Seventy-one-year-old designer Slava Zaitsev received the Lifetime Achievement Award. The event was broadcast by the Swiss-based World Fashion Channel.
   We suspect that we will hear far more about Russian Fashion Week in seasons to come: it already attracts many big-name designers. But it makes us wonder why we don’t hear more already.
   Anyone who has picked up a Vogue Russia gets a thick volume and plenty of glam, so it cannot be snobbery. Or can it? A mistaken belief, during the rise of the BRIC countries, that the old Milano–Paris–London–New York oligopoly cannot be broken?
   Our view: if we’re not covering BRIC countries as mainstream coverage now, we’re missing out on the next phase of the fashion industry. The fact we didn’t hear of these awards, given on March 18, till days later is an indication that the world has not got as small as we like to think.
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