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Monica’s back, in a new shoot with Florin Radu


October 13, 2007/13.17

In the last 10 years, we have broken quite a few stories: Zac Posen had his first in-depth interview with Lucire, we take credit for the first pieces on Christina Perriam and Kathryn Wilson, and over in Romania, Monica Colombeanu (née Gabor), who was famous in her own right, became a cover girl for the first time with us.
   As with Zac, or Soho lingerie shop Bodyhints, or many other stories, others followed the trail we blazed. Monica and then-fiancé Irinel Colombeanu wound up in a reality TV series together, and the Romanian press, God bless them, still credits us for the first time Monica appeared in a national magazine photo shoot, as I read in Click today with what little Romanian I have.
   This new shoot is not for us, but the same folks at Florin Radu’s studio were behind it. Nice to see Monica, post-baby, looking great.

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