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Money no object for green motoring, say Australian women


January 30, 2008/10.36

Suzuki Swift SportIn the ’box today: Australian women’s motoring website has found in a survey that 85 per cent of Australian women say that ‘money is no object when it comes to being green’. It also revealed that a third of all women would trade in their car for an environmentally friendly scooter. ‘With increasing pressure for an ongoing solution to climate change, Aussie women are amongst the most environmentally conscious on the planet and are prepared to spend more in order to assist in their bid to go green,’ says the site.
   The results are more significant than the site might know, given that women play a huge part in car purchasing decisions in relationships. When I still keep seeing gas guzzlers come out of some companies, I have to wonder what strategy is being followed.
   As far back as 2000, Lucire tried to push home the message that SUVs were passé, that there would be a fuel crisis and that subcompacts would become increasingly trendy. It’s why the first Lucire Car to Be Seen in was an Audi A4 Avant, not a Dodge Durango.
   Companies like Suzuki, encountering a sales’ surge for models like the Swift, deserve to do well.

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2 thoughts on ‘Money no object for green motoring, say Australian women

  1. I hope you are right but wonder if it will happen. I think many SUV’s are sold on the, mostly wrong, assumption that they are safer rather than any other attribute. Still lets hope new supermini’s like the Swift, Punto, 500 and Twingo return to the school run

  2. I hope so, Robin. The SUV habit is hard to kick for some, e.g. those who show up to their environmental meetings in a BMW X5.

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