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Supporting San Diego


January 29, 2008/11.37

Karen Loftus’s story on San Diego is online now, for those who want a break away from Los Angeles that’s not too far away from the southern Californian metropolis. It was a case of ‘Who knew?’ as Karen uncovers some of the hidden gems in the San Diego area, just two hours from her home base.

Peace Love Life San Diego T-shirt

   Meanwhile, Brad Green, formerly of the US Navy, has emailed to say that he has started a T-shirt line called Peace Love Life, with a clever and simple idea. Each T-shirt has the words peace, love and life, plus a city’s name—in the written language of the place that it’s touting.
   Brad writes, ‘We exist to connect people of different cultures and languages by promoting and celebrating peace, love and life around the world through socially-conscious fashion. Our collection began with major cities and capitals of the world, and quickly grew to include areas of con?ict like Baghdad, Darfur, Haiti and New Orleans. A donation from each purchase is made to organizations that bene?t struggling or con?ict regions of the world. We’ve also recently added a special edition San Diego t-shirt. $10 from each special edition shirt is donated to the San Diego American Red Cross to bene?t victims of the 2007 ?restorm and other local disasters.’
   We didn’t time these two things about San Diego, California to coincide—but it’s always nice to notice when they do. Someone up there is telling us that we’re on the right course.

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