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Checking the StarNow Australian Model Search entrants


February 24, 2008/22.41

I’ve logged in to the StarNow site to see who has added their names and portfolios to the Australian Model Search that the agency is running.
   I am happy to note that there are more ladies over 30, plus a handful over 45. To those ladies, I say: good on you.
   There is no age restriction on this competition and what I would like to see are real people.
   I offer one tip: many of the older entrants do not have as many shots as the younger ones. That is probably no surprise: I assume the younger ones will have kept more digital copies of their published work and found it easier to upload them.
   Please add extra pics if you can. We judges ?nd it dif?cult to base a decision on a single headshot. Even a few well shot, non-professional images can help us.
   I believe we are due to check in of?cially in early March after the last entrants enter on February 29 to begin voting.

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