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Fellow publishers, do you go through this?


February 28, 2008/19.36

I can’t believe it: yet another stylist’s letter making the rounds in NYC that we have no knowledge of. Again, I won’t name the stylist, but if you are going to go around with a letter that bears my name and signature, I’ll give you one bit of advice: get the postal code right. Copying and pasting the paragraph about us from the web isn’t clever. And, finally, bear in mind a lot of the showrooms in New York know who we are and they’ve seen prior letters from me. Yours looks nothing like them.
   There have been several incidents like this, probably because PDFs and electronic files are easy to take apart. How this gentleman got an older letter with my signature on it is anyone’s guess: a leak from former staffers, or genuinely a stylist who has worked for us before who has taken it upon himself to change the dates?
   Fortunately, too, I update my electronic signature on these letters regularly, mostly because real-life signatures do change.
   I wonder if the older magazines go through this.

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