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GM interns create cars for 2020


August 22, 2008/10.16

From as close as Detroit to as far away as China, 21 students around the world were chosen to design and engineer a hydrogen-powered car for the year 2020 as a part of the Annual Design Internship Program, by General Motors.
   Each team of interns had a designer, an engineer, a sculptor, and a trim and colour artist. Together, they came up with six futuristic concept cars. In addition to being gas-free, the concept cars also had to meet the needs of international drivers in the emerging markets of China, India and Russia.
   While these concept cars probably won’t be available in showrooms anytime soon, the students have gained real-world experience to help further their future careers, hopefully designing petroleum-free transportation for all of us.
   What’s also important from a shareholder’s point of view is that GM is clearly setting its sights on non-western markets to help its bottom line. The company has had a good record in Europe in terms of creating competitive product, something which it has the resources to replicate with its ventures in Russia and China, building Chevrolet and Buick models.

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