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The search for the next Miss Sweden has begun


March 9, 2009/12.13

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Lina Hahne, Fröken Sverige 2007The search for the next Miss Sweden has begun.
   My own affiliation with this pageant—Fröken Sverige to use its name in its native language—began six years ago, and I am happy to say this year I will be far more involved. I will let the publicity machine talk about my role in due course. (I will remain a judge at Miss New Zealand.)
   But for now, let me announce that the pageant is open and accepting entrants. The winner will go on to Miss Universe 2009 at Atlantis Paradise Island, Nassau, in late August.
   After protests grounded the pageant in Sweden some years ago, it was retooled to reflect modern women, though during the past year, Miss Sweden was, according to the organization, a ‘dormant project.’
   It continues, ‘The Board of Directors have spent this time evaluating and collecting impressions and inspiration from around the world—all in order to further develop the concept.
   ‘During this time intensive pressure from various channels and interests have shown that Miss Sweden is missed and more and more people have raised their voices asking that the pageant continue. Just now, when in these somewhat darker times, it is more important than ever to brighten up the world with hope, engagement and all the positives that Miss Sweden represents. We think it is important that we once again place in focus sound role models who create faith in the future and trust in one’s own abilities.’
   The role-model angle is important and it is one I have always borne in mind, ever since I began judging beauty pageants in 2007.
   I have always said to entrants that the interview is ‘80 per cent’. While the points don’t add up that way, judges place a great deal more on the entrant’s intelligence and initiative far more than we are given credit for.
   It may be fairer to say that after an interview, I can usually pick who could win with 80 per cent certainty.
   In New Zealand, interviews can last 20 minutes with each candidate. After speaking with a former Miss Israel, Gal Gadot, who is in the new Fast and Furious film, I understand that she was subjected to eight to ten minutes per judge—and there were eight to ten of them.
   Sweden, too, has a very involved procedure when it comes to interviews—if it didn’t, I doubt that the first winner of the retooled pageant, Josephine Alhanko, would be a young woman with two masters’ degrees with an ambition to get a doctorate.
   For those who wish to be a part of one of pageantry’s most successful competitions, Miss Sweden is now accepting applicants at
   In the words of my friend, Panos Papadopoulos, the initiator of the pageant and the man behind Panos Emporio, ‘For those who are interested in participating the recruitment of the New Miss Sweden is an adventure that proves that one can conquer the world with the right attitude. New Miss Sweden gives endless possibilities for talented young women to realize their dreams. One year of important and inspirational work awaits. Everyone else can take joy from this fairy-tale of success and be a part of the festivities that surround it.’

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