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Cheryl Cole: latest celebrity linked to Cowell–Green venture


July 18, 2009/11.35

Cheryl Cole in The X FactorThe com­pany being created by Simon Cowell and Sir Philip Green, which the UK media have been report­ing as involv­ing super­model Kate Moss, has tapped another name to get it headlines: English singer and The X Factor judge Cheryl Cole.
   Cole, who came to fame through the pop group Girls Aloud, and who now works for Cowell on his X Factor talent-contest show, is one of the highest-profile UK celebrities at the moment. Mentioning her name to the British tabloids has ensured that the fashion–entertainment venture continues getting headlines.
   While being touted as something novel, so far reports indicate that the venture is a holding company which will own Cowell’s shows, and arrange licences for fashion spin-offs.
   The media are also connecting Cole’s presence in Los Angeles with the venture, saying she is researching for it, but her involvement remains speculation.

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