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British media get excited over Cheryl Cole’s 28th birthday party


July 3, 2011/11.34

Never believe ‘sources close to’ in media, those well meaning folk who use their own constructs to read a situation—or those who simply invent gossip to fuel their importance. We’re not exactly falling for the news that there is an Ashley and Cheryl Cole reconciliation, even if the footballer was seen attending his ex-wife’s 28th birthday party at the Sanderson Hotel in London’s West End.
   An image of Cheryl Cole, with her new-look blonde bob, wearing a Stella McCartney dress and cutting her cake, can be seen in the report below.
   Ashley Cole, freshly flown in from New York, attended the party for four hours. Cheryl’s publicist has confirmed his attendance.
   Other guests included, Fergie, Tulisa Consto­stavlos, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh.
   Our view: exes showing up at parties is not a sign of reconcilation, but the British tabloids love speculation and their ‘sources’. So far, it’s only the tabloids who are providing detail from unnamed ‘guests’. The analysis of their careful wording is proving more interesting than the story itself.

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