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Gatoure gives extra class to shoes


December 30, 2009/3.35


One fashion item we didn’t get to talk about properly during 2009, due to conflicting schedules, was the Gatoure, a reversible accessory that transforms shoes into boots. They take the principle of gators, but feature far nicer fabrics on one side (silks and animal print satin) and neutral linens and cottons on the other. The brainchild of Janelle Rodrigues and Sara Fraser, they are handmade in strictly limited editions and available online at their website,

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4 thoughts on ‘Gatoure gives extra class to shoes

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  3. Gatoure looks very interesting which can transform shoes in to boots and look truely beautiful to the eye. Fashion can be enhanced greatly by Gatoure. Very very interesting fashion items to have for the modern day high fashion look.

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