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A Lucire miscellany for October ’09


October 19, 2009/11.28

For one reason or another, these folks didn’t get covered in Lucire earlier, despite being very worthy. Sometimes it’s what’s in our editorial calendar, sometimes it’s due to a heavy news day with other things being covered.
   We spotted Teza at one of our regular haunts—regular, at least, till they stopped accepting American Express. Teza blends pure fruit juice and leaf tea, and it doesn’t taste watered-down at all (which was our first thought). In fact, the flavour of the fruits really comes through and we’ve become fans.


Eyeballnz   Our good friend Simon Young told us about Eyeballnz via a Tweet; months later, we heard from Goode PR about the venture. This is a website from Penny and Steve Bicknell, who documented their 15-month journey around New Zealand via plane (flying 95 hours), motorhome and SUV. Sixteen thousand photographs later, and after spending NZ$450,000 of their own money, they launched their website in September. Now they’d like others to contribute their photographs to give a full picture of the country.
   Finally a bit of “shoe porn” to finish off this post: Hetty Rose, whose shoes have been covered in Lucire before, has come up with a series of beautiful designs. Known for her use of recycled kimono fabrics, Hetty Rose has found special trinkets and fabrics on her travels to flea markets, as well as some artefacts that she’s had in her treasure chest for years. They are reminiscent of 1940s’ and 1950s’ designs, and were first shown publicly at the end of last month. A bespoke pair of Hetty Rose shoes begins at £290, with accessories from £25.
Hetty Rose
Hetty Rose

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