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Day 3: a packed itinerary for Miss Universe New Zealand contestants


June 1, 2010/11.20

Kirsty Pritchard meets a Kilmarnock Heights resident
Miss Universe New Zealand 2010 at Wagamama
Miss Universe New Zealand 2010 at Wagamama
From top Kirsty Pritchard (Miss Museum Hotel) meets a Kilmarnock Heights resident. The contestants at Wagamama earlier tonight. Zeisha Frémaux (Miss Moontide) and Danijela Unkovich (Miss East Auckland) at Wagamama.

The Miss Universe New Zealand 2010 contestants had lunch with Wellington mayor, Kerry Prendergast, today.
   Which is why, as someone eyeing the mayoral post, I had dinner with them.
   Joking aside, this was a hectic day for the 13 young women vying for the Miss Universe New Zealand title.
   After two days of having less than six hours’ sleep in the majority of cases, day three was gruelling with the number of visits they had to make.
   Earlier this afternoon, we ventured to Kilmarnock Heights Home in Berhampore, which is when I joined the action.
   The home, which is run by Enliven—formerly Presbyterian Support Services—has both day-care residents as well as those who live there 24 hours a day.
   One of its most recent residents, the famed New Zealand actress Dame Pat Evison, passed away only two days ago, I was told. Had schedules worked out differently, it would have been inspiring for our entrants to have learned of Dame Pat’s incredible life and career.
   Nevertheless, our 13 contestants had a highly enlightening time talking to residents and exchanging views with them.
   I caught up with my old friend John Meredith, who drives the buses for Enliven, taking day-care residents to and from the premises. And we were all joined by Cook Strait News journalist Agnès Ginestet.
   While most contestants introduced themselves by name and region, Zeisha Frémaux (Miss Moontide) had the additional responsibility of singing to the residents, who joined in on ‘Daisy, Daisy’.
   The evening saw all contestants have a dinner at Wagamama, where we were joined by Suzanne and Melissa from Farmers Lambton Quay. The ladies will be at Farmers on Thursday over lunchtime, spritzing visitors in the fragrance department.
   It was yet another chance to see how well each contestant got on with one another.
   Tomorrow’s visit to Parliament, a must given the pageant has not been in Wellington for decades, will reveal a bit more about their interest in our democracy and history.
   And a reminder: there are a few tickets left for Saturday’s final at the Duxton Hotel, with dinner at 6 p.m. (NZ$120) and the show at 7.30 p.m. (NZ$60).

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