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Lucire gives away two tickets to Miss Universe New Zealand ’10


June 4, 2010/1.55

Miss New Zealand 2010 at Parliament

While I await my fellow judge Evana Patterson to arrive in Wellington this afternoon—and lead the panel into a quick briefing—Lucire is going to give away two tickets to Miss Universe New Zealand 2010 at the Duxton Hotel, Wellington, for Saturday night, 7.30 p.m. It’s the show only, with no dinner.
   The two best comments on why you would like to attend the evening will be selected on Saturday morning NZST. This is totally subjective and will depend on my mood when I get back from the Miss Universe New Zealand interview sessions at the Museum Hotel tonight, so no correspondence will be entered in to afterwards. If I am down, I will look for the two comments that give me a rise for s***s and giggles. If I am feeling like a smart-arse, I will choose the two most intellectual responses.
   I’ll contact the two winners privately via email and let you know how to get your tickets.
   Also remember to listen to Groove 107·7 FM for your chance to win two tickets there, if you miss out here.

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Filed by Jack Yan

12 thoughts on ‘Lucire gives away two tickets to Miss Universe New Zealand ’10

  1. I want to go for a bit of a perv and so I can make cracks about world peace.

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  4. I would love to go tomorrow night! It will probably be the closest I get to living life like Donald Trump.

  5. Two words: Drag Queen

    Nothing spices up an evening like a member of the twilight world of the third gender!

    Oh, and I have quite the wit too.


  6. I would love to win a ticket so that I could shout my mum to come along to the show. Shes always been there for me throughout the years and supported me so much, especially at the moment being so busy, shes the best mum anyone could ask for. Nows a time where I would like to give something back to her, and treat her for the night as I know she would love to come and celebrate intelligence, beauty and glamour.

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  8. I would love to glam up and enjoy the gorgeous beauties while reminiscing about the body I used to have!

  9. I want to witness the existence of melodious harmony between Beauty and Brains…plus a bit a bikini will be bonus

  10. I would love to go- to see exactly how these beautiful young ladies propose to bring around world peace.

  11. Because I’d like to learn how to single-handly end world hunger and spread peace on Earth – all while wearing a bikini that has to be taped to my butt cheeks so it disappear.

    PS: Nice answer, Miss LaQ.

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