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Abarth adds 500C and Punto Evo to range


June 15, 2010/12.07

Fiat continues to push Abarth as a marque, as it once was, with performance models of its 500C—the pretty convertible that Elle Macpherson launched last year—and Punto Evo.
   The Abarth Punto Evo is a more straightforward hot hatch, a development of the earlier Grande Punto, which is aimed at the Ford Fiesta class and buyers aged between 18 and 30. The Abarth 500C, however, has been designed with a female clientèle in mind, which does not mean the usual sexist drivel: instead, Fiat says that it wants a customer who wants good design and style as well as high performance. That sounds more than reasonable to us.
   The models launch in Italy in mid-June, having had their world débuts at the Salon de Genève in March.
   Our videos feature both new models, with the 500C first.

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