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Miss Universe New Zealand 2010, Ria van Dyke, photographed in swimwear


July 20, 2010/23.38

If you surf the beauty pageant forums, there are a few queries on how Miss Universe New Zealand 2010, Ria van Dyke, looks in swimwear. Top fashion photographer Neil Gussey photographed Ria in swimwear over the weekend, and Lucire can now reveal four of the approved shots from this session.
   For her supporters, Ria has her official website up at, which has her biography and other photographs.
   The “people’s choice” voting has begun on the Miss Universe website. To show your support, head to Ria’s profile page. You will need to log in. In the three years we’ve been signed up, we have never been bothered by spam from Miss Universe. For those logged in, it’s literally a click on the page.
Ria van Dyke
Ria van Dyke
Ria van Dyke
Ria van Dyke

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20 thoughts on ‘Miss Universe New Zealand 2010, Ria van Dyke, photographed in swimwear

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  6. Stunning looking young lady. Will represent NZ with great distinction. Best wishes Ria.


  7. Ruthie and Ria The Photos of swimsuits are beautiful I think Ria should win the contest. GoodLuck with all you do.


  8. Ria is stunning, all the photograph are great……however, Ria is even better in person. One very beautiful lady.

  9. Every photo I see of Ria, I think, what an ultimately beautiful photo, there couldn’t possibly be a better photo of Ria. And then I see these ones, in swimwear. Ria’s beauty just keeps radiating more and more! Definitely a winner. Who could not notice the utter beauty that flows out from within? Well done.

  10. Ria is the most beautiful young woman I know, not only on the outside, but truly through and trough! She IS the perfect Ms. Universe! You have our vote! We are SO PROUD of you!

  11. wow another amazing photos of Ria she truely is a beauty and we are so proud of her and know she is going to do well in the Miss Universe 2010 show .

  12. God must have spent a little extra time on this creation. Only
    thing I could compare this beauty within and without is to her mom, Ruth.

  13. Ria, you’re just as gorgeous now as you were as a little girl! I know you’re just a beautiful on the inside, too! You’ll represent New Zealand well in Las Vegas! Enjoy every moment! We’re so excited and proud of you! Janie

  14. Maybe the greatest example of a beautiful woman I have ever witnessed.

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