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Luxottica reveals new OPSM concept store in Melbourne


July 21, 2010/4.54

Luxottica Group SpA launched a global retail concept store in Melbourne on Tuesday. The first OPSM eye hub store marks the debut of a retail outlet where every customer dictates and personalizes their own shopping experience.
   Designed by E2, who were behind the Millennium Dome, the revolutionary store concept has been designed to place the customer at the centre of the store experience.
   The store features a simulator room for testing glasses and sunglasses for glare and wind resistance, a product vault featuring designer glasses visible from every area of the store, touch-screen interactive mirrors that allow people to play back their new look, and a secure play place where parents can leave their children while they shop.
   The wind tunnel is even equipped with an exercise bike and a treadmill.
   The company’s plans are to extend the concept globally, with more stores planned for Australia, China, the UK and the US.
   Retail futurist Dr Ian Pearson, the inventor of text messaging, believes that with customers placing increasing value on their time, stores must invest reciprocal time preparing for and serving the customer—what he calls the ‘care economy’.

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