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Miss Universe releases video interview with Miss New Zealand, Ria van Dyke


August 15, 2010/23.30

The Miss Universe pageant has released a series of video interviews on to YouTube, contrasting previous years where the contestants were featured exclusively on its own site.
   Miss Universe New Zealand Ria van Dyke was asked about her worst dating experience and was given a list of sounds to make—to what end, we’re not sure. Considering the questions in the New Zealand pageant discussed poverty and social change, this would have been quite a contrast for van Dyke.

   Two other photographs have recently been published on the official Miss Universe New Zealand site and its Facebook page. One is from the official Miss Universe charity auction, with van Dyke’s national gift from New Zealand to the Cancer Institute of Nevada. The artwork was generously donated by New Zealand artist Dave Sotogi ( The second is from day three of proceedings, featuring Miss Israel, Bat-el Jobi; Miss New Zealand, Ria van Dyke; and Miss Bahamas, Braneka Bassett.

Bat-el Jobi, Ria van Dyke and Brenaka Bassett at Miss Universe 2010
Ria van Dyke at Miss Universe 2010

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15 thoughts on ‘Miss Universe releases video interview with Miss New Zealand, Ria van Dyke

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  3. The best video of all the girls and I listened to lots. Ria is full of class. I love the painting and Ria looks stunning as usual


  4. What a gorgeous, well spoken, intelligent contestant you are Ria! We all know you have what it takes. I only just hope that those who have the responsibility to make the decision make the right decision. Congratulations!

  5. Ria is the most well spoken of all the contestants. She has a beautiful smile and is just gorgeous.

  6. Every photo, interview and public appearance continues to impress me… Ria is exquisite, articulate, intelligent and has a natural glow that come from a woman who is confident within herself and ready to conquer the world.

  7. Ria, you are gorgeous and witty and a natural beauty! And you have GREAT HAIR! MWWWAHHH!

  8. Such a lovely down-to-earth person who deserves the best. Whether she wins or not, she is doing New Zealand proud. Go Ria! xoxo

  9. What can I say that hasn’t been said by so many others? As I said earlier, her beauty comes from within: her heart, and that’s what makes her so special. Her eyes, her smile, her charm, her confident composure, what a winning combination. God bless and protect you sweetie. Love, Tony

  10. Wow – gorgeous young woman, good heart with great sound effects. If not Miss Universe possibly a job at Cape Canaveral launching rockets – good luck Ria!!

  11. Ria may be the classiest beauty to grace the stage.Has poise,intelligence,and of course charm to boot.

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