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Le Faire brings more stylish fashion to online buyers in New Zealand


August 16, 2010/6.55

Le Faire
Le Faire

Above Luela and Evil Twin are two of the labels stocked at new online shopping destination, Le Faire, the brainchild of Pauline So.

We’ve known Pauline So for some time and were delighted to hear that she’s behind a new venture, the Le Faire online store.
   ‘I love shopping online, and found it a bit depressing when lots of my favourite designers and sites wouldn’t deliver to New Zealand. I desperately wanted quick and easy access to these kinds of clothes, and saw an opportunity to give Kiwis the same, if not a better, experience. Thus Le Faire was born,’ says Pauline in a release. The site is about ‘pushing great design, amazing fashion, and affordable value.’
   Labels currently stocked at the Le Faire online store include This Is Geneviève, Blak, Evil Twin, Miyama, Stolen Thunder, Luela, La Fée Verte, and Julian Danger.
   In some cases, only small quantities are brought in to preserve exclusivity.
   While centring on clothing presently, sunglasses, handbags and shoes will likely be added.

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