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On the right note


October 15, 2010/23.34

Social Rebel Clothing
Social Rebel ClothingSocial Rebel Clothing
Social Rebel ClothingSocial Rebel Clothing

It’s no secret that the infamous Academy of Art University (AAU) in San Francisco has birthed extremely successful and refined talent; the success of AAU graduates range from students who have showcased their designs on Project Runway to New York Fashion Week. So, it wasn’t a surprise when I came across the name Yana Galbshtein, a young designer who’s an alumna from AAU and known for her ground-breaking sophisticated menswear collection that has caught the eye of Wilkes Bashford.
   After graduating, Galbshtein headed for Naples, Italy where she interned with Kiton to work in men’s tailoring. This special experience was awarded to her by Bashford after he viewed her collection. But, Galbshtein has been setting a new tone with her Social Rebel Clothing label and not only in the San Francisco streets.
   Social Rebel Clothing was started in 2009 conceptually as a menswear line. However, over time, it has developed into what one may call a hip and exhilarating collection that’s outfitted by a diverse group of people. From indie-rock, conservative, or pop queen to the hip-hop- or theatre-loving fashionista, there is something for everyone in this edgy collection.
   This line was initially worn and influenced by sponsored bands and musicians but carries an attitude of great fit and æsthetic without following the normal rules of fashion or being dictated by trend. Yes, this is more than a T-shirt line and entirely has the potential to be a staple item in your stylishly stubborn fashion closet.
   The garments are unique: they have great detailing, bold imaging, and selective fabric choice. There are utility-inspired, slim, button-up shirts like the Instigator and the Emperor, which could be dressed stylishly up or casually down. There’s playfully scripted text and animated artwork with irony as the style lines. Take for instance, the Models Suck, Brother vs. Sister Series T, which exudes Eddie Munster chic in a subtle David Bowie way. Not to mention the crowd-favoured exclusive captioned and fitted graphic Ts such as the Stella von Dagger or the Daily Rebel Series.
   Social Rebel Clothing is going against the norm, creating clothing that clients request yet also encouraging the consumer to make each piece their own style.
   Ladies, don’t get wrapped up into only selecting from one side of the shopping spectrum because some of these garments are able to be (and have been) worn by both men and women.
   ‘Be a part of a movement, be your own experiment,’ said Galbshtein. This motto is one that’s centred in the development of each garment. ‘I mainly think of what would look good on my friends and make it,’ the designer said. The rapid growing line caters to all people who are on board for wearing a different tune. One might even feel as if they’re showcasing their own anthemic single when wearing a Social Rebel Clothing garment.
   By day, Galbshtein’s a film wardrobe stylist where she works long hours, does fittings, and character development in addition to reworking costumes, acquiring vintage pieces, and doing necessary alterations. Yet, somehow she manages not only to turn out an affordable line but keeps it a fresh, inspiring, and fearless collection. She has taken everyday basics and kicked them up a couple of notches, allowing her vision to have no boundaries.
   The clothing is predominantly produced out of New York. It has its own passport pages stamped and worn by patrons globally, from Russia and Germany to San Francisco and Brooklyn. As a result, the label has captured quite a following, being worn by bands, DJs, models, and others. And, why not? It’s a completely wearable collection that can be integrated into varied wardrobes.
   As the collection evolves, she adds special styles that also have inspiration from film posters, music, manifold fashion eras, and street style. Next, on Galbshtein’s schedule are a couple of films currently in production: Vamperifica and Desperate Endeavors.
   For more information or to shop your style, visit—Tamara Madison

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