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Worldwide round-up: a styling app for your Iphone, macaroons, and a cherry toothpaste


December 23, 2010/11.51

Your Colour PaletteYour Colour PaletteYour Colour Palette

A New Zealand company has released an Iphone app called Colour with Style, which helps users find clothes that enhance their features and provides more confident shopping.
   Using the app, you can choose colours that will suit you. According to Colour with Style, one of New Zealand’s premier colour and wardrobe consultants, people belong to three exclusive colour categories, defined by their skin tone, eye colour and hair colour. Using their extensive experience and understanding of colours and clothing, Colour with Style has developed the app with a number of specific questions, coupled with bespoke colour predicting software. The app is able to predict colours best suited to your complexion.
   A colour palette generally consists of four essential colours that make up approximately half of your wardrobe, along with a selection of additional colours that can help add interest and versatility. For anyone not technologically savvy, the App provides a host of features to make using the application very straightforward.
   Meanwhile, in France, macaroons are the flavour of the month, as pastry chefs find ways to innovate and draw customers in. Paris editor Lola Saab visits Acide Macaron in Levallois, talking to chef Jonathan Blot in one of our latest features. Click here to read more.
   After eating those macaroons, you might need to think about dental hygiene. ROCS (Remineralizing Oral Care Systems), one of the leading Russian dental cosmetology companies, has released a new toothpaste called Blooming Sakura. It uses cherry flower extract for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect; mixed with some of ROCS’s other ingredients, the toothpaste is said to strengthen enamel and remove plaque. The real bonus: a taste that blends mint and sweet fruit with delicate caramel–cherry notes.—Elle Hopper and Lucire staff
ROCS Blooming Sakura

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