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John Galliano to face his accuser on Monday


February 28, 2011/3.55

An alleged assault and anti-Semitic outburst resulted in the arrest of John Galliano on Thursday, and Christian Dior’s suspension of him as its creative director on Friday.
   The Dior house said it has a zero-tolerance policy on racism, and the fate of the suspension rests on a police investigation.
   Géraldine Bloch claims that she and her friend, of Asian origin, faced anti-Semitic and racist slurs from Galliano. Galliano has since filed a defamation suit against Bloch. quotes an unnamed eyewitness who claims that the incident was started by Bloch and was not racist.
   The French press currently reports that Galliano will face his accuser in a meeting organized by the Paris public prosecutor on Monday. The aim is to get to the bottom of the Thursday night incident and to see whether there is a case to be answered.

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