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A quick Q&A with make-up artist Lucy Garguilo


April 10, 2011/6.30

Ashleigh Berry
Ashleigh Berry
Ashleigh Berry
Above Ashleigh Berry models, with photography by Hamish McLaren and make-up by Lucy Garguilo. The three of them will collaborate on our fashion week coverage from Sydney, New South Wales.

Lucy Garguilo is a freelance make-up artist. Trained in beauty and special effects’ make-up, she works in the film and fashion industry. She grew up in Nelson, New Zealand and came to Wellington five years ago, and holds a Bachelor of Education degree from Victoria University of Wellington.
   Ashleigh Berry does a quick Q&A with her, prior to the two of them, and photographer Hamish McLaren, head to Sydney to cover Fashion Week there.

What is your favourite make-up look at the moment?
I love that the ’40s look is in at the moment, because one of my favourites is the “cat-eyeliner eye”.

What products are needed to create the look?
Foundation; a good liquid eyeliner; mascara; fake lashes (full or half depending on how much of a statement you are wanting to make); nude lipstick; a fine eyeliner brush; a white or cream eye shadow for highlighting; and blusher or bronzer.

What are staple products to have at home?
A good moisturizer, primer, foundation, mascara, blush and an eyelash curler. Also make sure you have a good skin care routine: always cleanse, tone and moisturize. It is also important to remove your make-up before you go to bed at night, so your skin gets a chance to breathe.

What and who influence make-up trends?
Clothing trends, television programmes and movies. New products that are coming out and the seasons can influence colours and styles of make-up. Fashion and hairstyle trends we see overseas and in New Zealand.—Ashleigh Berry

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