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William and Kate: the Movie stars have UK promo tour


April 26, 2011/11.44

If only they had the budget to make the movie in the British Isles and not Los Angeles—but there are a few bob to send the stars to the UK to promote it. William and Kate: the Movie is having a UK promotional tour at the moment, with stars Camilla Luddington and Nico Evers-Swindell in London as the DVD goes on sale. And we’ve a few clips with some more cheesy lines from the made-for-TV flick as well as some thoughts from the principal actors.
   In everyday speech, both Luddington and Evers-Swindell have mid-Atlantic and mid-Pacific accents respectively, changed by their time working in California.
   As we all do, they both realize that their movie isn’t authentic. Berkshire native Luddington says she finds it ‘kind of funny sometimes’ and that ‘it’s just for fun and a guilty pleasure.’
   Evers-Swindell, the Kiwi lawyer-turned-actor who is about to go down the aisle himself, says, ‘This is intended to be an envelope to the invitation to the wedding. It’s just here to get people excited.’

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