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Dr Dermacare launches, targeting pimple-prone skin


July 29, 2011/1.09

Dr Dermacare

Dr Dermacare

No matter what age, pimples are something we wish we could get rid of. However, 20 per cent of New Zealand women aged between 25 and 40 suffer from the debilitating physical and psychological effects of pimple blemish-prone skin.
   We can all now rejoice, as there is a solution to help those affected by this. Dr Dermacare is the latest in pimple-treating formulas, created by Emma Johnson, who suffered from pimples from her teenage years and in to her late twenties. Having had enough of the problem and wanting to find a solution, she aligned herself with a New Zealand skin care manufacturer to produce Dr Dermacare Clear & Confident, a three-step pimple clearing system.
   Testing it on herself to ensure that it met what she was looking for, the system addresses all three stages of a pimple’s development, ensuring that it is treated at the root cause. Some competitors may only treat one or two of the stages, providing only temporary relief.
   Dr Dermacare Clear & Confident is available to buy at or by phoning 0800 235-236 within New Zealand. It comes with a 100 per cent money back plus “see your doctor for free” guarantee.—Sopheak Seng, Fashion and Beauty Editor

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