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Getting a natural tanned look with Trilogy’s new Instant Bronzing Gel


July 29, 2011/1.21

With spring just around the corner and summer fast approaching, the search for the elusive summer glow is upon most of us. Natural beauty innovator Trilogy has come to the rescue with its latest product in tanning, the Trilogy Instant Bronzing Gel.
   No more baking under the harmful rays of the sun, using harsh chemical creams or sun beds to get that perfect tan. With this new gel you can enjoy gorgeous, instantly bronzed skin safely and 100 per cent naturally all year round.
   Fuss-free, quick-drying and easy to apply, Trilogy Instant Bronzing Gel provides an immediate golden shimmer to skin. The initial application develops into a rich bronze tan, without sun exposure, over two to three hours. The result: skin with a gorgeous golden glow and just the right amount of shimmer.
   The Gel’s unique formulation combines caramel from non-GMO cane sugar for instant colour, with a natural, high-performance, Ecocert self-tanning ingredient, which works with your skin to develop a safe and natural-looking tan.
   Trilogy Instant Bronzing Gel enhances your tan with light reflecting minerals from natural mica, which leave a subtle shimmer on your skin. This luxurious gel also contains alœ vera to soothe and hydrate, as well as antioxidant-rich vitamin E to help fight free-radical damage.
   Trilogy Instant Bronzing Gel is available from Trilogy stockists from September onwards, just in time for warmer months.—Sopheak Seng, Fashion and Beauty Editor

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