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BeeBio launches skin care line featuring medical-grade manuka honey and bee venom


October 7, 2014/23.38

It’s the latest buzz in beauty. Developed over three years, BeeBio is a new line of skin care products featuring medical-grade 16+ active manuka honey, bee venom and other natural ingredients.
   Active manuka honey is already known for its healing properties, and BeeBio uses it to help stimulate new skin cell growth and to moisturize skin. Bee venom, meanwhile, helps with collagen and elastin production. Combine the two, and you’re looking at stimulating skin cell renewal by 80 per cent, according to independent research. BeeBio products also contain six times the antioxidant levels of vitamin C.
   The range begins with an active manuka honey and goat’s milk soap at NZ$11·60, while the flagship of the range is the venomenous active manuka honey and bee venom face masque retailing at NZ$79·86. In between, there are body lotions, hand and eye creams, facial cleansers and day and night creams. BeeBio is also offering a Christmas gift set, comprising its venomenous active manuka honey and bee venom face masque, active manuka honey eye crème with bee venom, and active manuka honey and royal jelly facial crème, for NZ$179.
   Retailers can be found at

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