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Brancott Estate to release Sparkling Pinot Gris in September


August 15, 2011/3.33

Wearable art will not be the only thing holding the limelight at the Brancott Estate World of Wearable Art Awards Show (WOW) 2011. Brancott Estate will be launching its first Sparking Pinot Gris, the latest edition to a growing variety of sparkling wines which already include Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc and Sparkling Pinot Noir.
   The creativity put into the creation of the wine resembles the ingenuity required in putting together pieces for WOW. Brancott Estate chief winemaker Patrick Materman says, ‘We are extremely proud to have had a fourteen-year partnership with WOW, an event that has been described as exemplifying New Zealand at is creative, innovative best—it seems the perfect occasion to showcase our new Sparkling Pinot Gris.’
   A wine already known for its delicate and refined features, this new take on the pinot gris will present a fresh taste of the wonderful qualities that the grape is renowned for. ‘This is an elegant, crisp style of pinot gris with a palate of soft white nectarine flavours, balanced with the lifted aromas of pears and guava,’ says Materman.
   True to the description, it is an extremely elegant and light wine. While the bouquet contains more of a summery floral scent that tends to be present in dessert wines, the overlaying tones of nectarine with notes of the underlying pear make it diverse, perfect for that light summer barbecue of lamb or white fish or as a dessert wine to accompany poached pears or grilled fruit.
   Available from early September with a recommended retail price of NZ$25·95, this is a wine definitely worth drinking.—Sabine Ernest

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