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Getting the Huffer autumn–winter 2012 hair look


September 14, 2011/12.17

Huffer’s autumn–winter 2012 collection revisited the glory days of communist Russia. Hair director Greg Murrell of Ryder for KMS California created a look at New Zealand Fashion Week that truly embodied the collection.
   While staying true to the label’s ‘heritage of functionality’, the collection referred to the military style in an earthy palette of army greens, grays, and maroon head wraps. The hair was parted in the centre and pulled into a bun at the crown of the head with the sides clipped back. This look enforced the Russian theme by alluding to the top of the Russian babushka doll. The hair at the back is left free-flowing for a modern æsthetic.
   To achieve this reminiscent Russian revival, Murrell notes:

   1. Prepare hair by spraying KMS California AddVolume Volumizing Spray (RRP NZ$34) into the hair and blow-drying it with hands to create volume.
   2. Put a small amount of bend in the hair using a conical tong in about six sections, concentrating on the mid-lengths.
   3. Take a circular section encompassing the area from the high crown to the occipital.
   4. Lightly back-brush this entire area in sections towards the roots starting at the roots and moving upwards.
   5. Texture-set this area by clamping flat irons and allow to cool, then brush it out. There will now be extra volume in this area.
   6. Pull the ponytail up and lightly brush the surface area outwards from the roots right around the ponytail.
   7. Now take a small amount of hair in a ring around the textured ponytail and brush this unaltered hair in the join the ponytail. This covers the textured hair within.
   8. Spray this area with HairPlay Dry Wax by KMS California (NZ$36) and start twisting it towards the roots. Then begin pinning it in place with U-Pins taking care to create a voluminous feel. It is important that this area has a pleasing shape so view it from all angles.
   9. Now lightly back-brush to the roots a small square section on the diagonal between the bun and the top of the ears on each side of the head.
   10. Brush the hair from the front hairline and sides towards the back of the head and spray with KMS California HairStay Medium Hold Hairspray (RRP NZ$27).
   11. Next, take U-pins and pin through the surface into the back-combing underneath in an upwards diagonal line to affix this area to the head. Take care to loop each pin into the previous.
   12. Take the mid-lengths of the hair that are coming from the front and sides and pin it together beneath the bun at the occipital.
   13. Finish by adding flexible matt hold with KMS California HairPlay Dry Wax (RRP NZ$36).

For men:

   1. Lightly mist the hair with KMS California SilkSheen leave-in conditioner (RRP NZ$34).
   2. Now apply KMS California Curl-up Wave Foam (RRP NZ$36) liberally for texture and style hair to suit the model.
   3. Leave to set by letting it dry naturally.

KMS CaliforniaKMS CaliforniaKMS CaliforniaKMS California

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